In My Nightmare EP

by Sick People

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Vinyl pressing coming through Urban Rage Recs.
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Recorded by Sick People between Feb and May 2014 @ Sun Distortion Studios
Mixed by Sick People May 2014 @ Wavelength Studios
Mastered by Carl Saff May 2014
Artwork by Sam McKenzie


released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Sick People Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Voice of the He(a)rd
One thing that should've been said is the cycle will always remain
Weak minded fools form your social order, led by the face of the beast
You could have said something but you opted with praise, now it spreads like disease.

Different? Yeah you're different! But you're all the same
You play the perfect part does it bring you no shame?
The weak minded fool follows in the pack of the he(a)rd
Not a single tremor from your postured words

False words come out of your mouth - you need someone to be
Why the fuck should we waste time on you? you're too afraid to think
Follow the pack "mutant" in the herd - what a sorry joke!

Is different being different when you're all the same?
What's the outcome of your pathetic game?
Can see you're just a child too afraid to speak

So you say nothing
To you it just means nothing.
Act like you're making progress
Think you're not the problem?
Well i can see right through the shit, the lies and the games
Think you're on the outside but your circle remains
You're too afraid - of being judged.
Well now it's time to go.

Voice Of The He(a)rd
Track Name: In My Nightmare
Can you see or are you blind?
Something's wrong inside my mind
I see the world and it's not right
These things that keep me up at night

In My Nightmare (x3)
Wake in sweat from a vision of fear

Don't worry now all will be fine
You got me figured out all the time
You'd put your head in a fucking noose
If you knew the foul stench of truth

In My Nightmare (x3)
Hope to hell i see you there

It's a sound that never stops
the voices in my head
Life is my nightmare
Track Name: Freedom Fighter
Enlisted you're part of the system - you want to die?
Fuel the nations death machine - you kill with pride!
Tell you fight for our country
It's us that you fight to keep free?

Terror. Is it really there?
I look in your eyes and i see no fear.

Tell us this war is for freedom?
You nation of dumb fucking bastards
Treated like pawns for the spoils of war
Thousands of years we should have moved past it

Power. It's in our hands.
Freedom fighter? No fucking way!

So tell me freedom fighter what it is you think you do?
Just look around and see what's the truth!
You invade a foreign land with no questions why.
Well i spit right on the flag and hope you fucking die.

Won't call it fucking shame.
You went and died today.
You chose to fight their war.
Now your life is no more.

Want to be a freedom fighter?
Guess you gotta pay with your life!
Track Name: Love The Hurt
Asphyxiate on the lust.
Gotta have a dose of the pain.
I just want your touch.
Thoughts of you drive me insane.

I painted a picture. a thousand times.
It all ends the same. i can't have what does not need.

You make me love the hurt.
Track Name: Pacifist Prophet
It's the same - every year.
Once knew your faces - you disappeared.
For greener pastures - you run and hide.
Once stood for something - now towing lines.

No. Is there something left?
Another wasted memory, i wish i could forget.

I should have seen it coming, the future looked so bright.
But you packed up and changed, yeah you went over night.
The past is just the past and i should have left it behind.
Yet i cant come to terms, it seems i'm losing my mind.

So i say, what? What do we have left?
Once thought we stood for something, now you settle for less.

Oh i can't see why? why, you would choose to change.
You fight a lesser battle for the sake of saving face?
I know you think you're different but you're all the same
A dime a fucking dozen, all imagery and lies...lies...i'm sick of all your lies.

Glimpse of hope you run and hide.
Chose your battle for a safer life.
Everything that we once said.
Lies in rot it's fucking dead.

You wan't a united scene, i'll give you a united scene.
Pacifist fatality, shove your united scene.

Why should i call you a friend? You left me behind.
Once thought you stood for something.
You weren't no friend of mine.
Track Name: C.B.I.R.
Faith in your system - you want it? you got it!
Capitalist market - you want it? you got it!

What the fuck is wrong with you?
You believe every lie you're fed
You believe every word they fucking said

I can see it, so why can't you?

Give it up, erase it all. We're fast tracking backwards!
You say there's no problem until you're at risk
Want you're own freedom, any other's a threat
Live life inside of the systems confines
Afraid of the reality and what you might find?

Too much war. Too much death.
You die for their greed.
You live and die under capitalist market for something that we don't need.