No Excuse Demo

by Sick People

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First dub: 50 copies
Second dub: 100 copies, identical to first dub but with hand written messages by R. Girvan.
Released by Delayed Response


released June 4, 2011

All music by Sick People.
All lyrics by R. Girvan
Recorded, mixed and mastered by M. Cook at Via Studios on the 21 May 2011
Delayed Response #004



all rights reserved


Sick People Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Your Unity
Unity, unity, they say we need unity
Together as One we must stay strong
I don't see a reason for brothers
In arms, when we all stand for nothing


Stick together 'til the end
It's what they said 'way back when'
Fighting against the in crowd
Standing with the out crowd
We don't care, we never will
If we had unity, what would be left to say?

Unite as one against what for?
When we're no different to anyone
Won't raise our voices to our friends
Stand for nothing more than just words

You unity... I cant see / Not you and me
Your unity wont ever last
Track Name: Toe To Toe (Here To Stay)
Used and abuse, cold and worn
Everything has been raped and torn
Because of leeches just liek you
Fake like plastic, don't come near me

You have no heart, You play the part
You fit the mould, You are getting old

Fake.. that's your name
Liar.. it's all your are
Cheat.. that's your game
Faggot.. get away

Put me down, well not this time
Make it clear, i'll draw the line
Dress the part, act the same
Slap of reality across your face
It's not time for growing flowers
It's time for throwing bricks
Righteous witty hippy faggots
I've had enough of your shit

Drawing the lines, stay the fuck away
Like it or not, I'm here to fucking stay
Track Name: Insane
I push and push, I try and try
But I just can't get a hold of my life
What can I do? No one's gonna help me out
Feels like I'm going to cash out

Insane, Insane - I'm going INSANE
More fucked up shit pounding my brain
Insane, Insane - I'm going INSANE
Because I'm stuck in a world that won't fucking change

Boiling point, pent up rage
All this anger I can't contain
No way to send it out
So i'm going to lash out
Track Name: Final Verdict
Look at you with that attitude
Everybody know you're a fool
Talk big shit but you've got no spine
Gutless coward, you've crossed the line
You were never anything, don't try and pretend
Fake attitude has got to end
Stop trying to leech off your past
That shit, it won't fucking last

Well we're sick and tired of hearing your shit,
and you expect us to fucking deal with it?

Think you're all that? Well it's time to step down
When it's you and us, you'll meet the ground
Final verdict's in and it's says there's no way to repent
Track Name: No Excuse
There's no excuse for all the abuse
Rape is rape, it's never called for
Don't try and claim it was all her fault
Call yourself a man? Use your head

If it was up to me i'd rip your eyes out
Cut you open and watch you die
Rapist scum, deserve the worst
For all the innocent lives you've hurt

Hung out to dry, you have no care
Beaten and broken, no hope left
No coming back from all of the pain
Agony irrepairable, seared into her brain