Pacifist Prophet

from by Sick People



It's the same - every year.
Once knew your faces - you disappeared.
For greener pastures - you run and hide.
Once stood for something - now towing lines.

No. Is there something left?
Another wasted memory, i wish i could forget.

I should have seen it coming, the future looked so bright.
But you packed up and changed, yeah you went over night.
The past is just the past and i should have left it behind.
Yet i cant come to terms, it seems i'm losing my mind.

So i say, what? What do we have left?
Once thought we stood for something, now you settle for less.

Oh i can't see why? why, you would choose to change.
You fight a lesser battle for the sake of saving face?
I know you think you're different but you're all the same
A dime a fucking dozen, all imagery and lies...lies...i'm sick of all your lies.

Glimpse of hope you run and hide.
Chose your battle for a safer life.
Everything that we once said.
Lies in rot it's fucking dead.

You wan't a united scene, i'll give you a united scene.
Pacifist fatality, shove your united scene.

Why should i call you a friend? You left me behind.
Once thought you stood for something.
You weren't no friend of mine.


from In My Nightmare EP, released June 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Sick People Brisbane, Australia

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