Voice of the He​(​a​)​rd

from by Sick People



One thing that should've been said is the cycle will always remain
Weak minded fools form your social order, led by the face of the beast
You could have said something but you opted with praise, now it spreads like disease.

Different? Yeah you're different! But you're all the same
You play the perfect part does it bring you no shame?
The weak minded fool follows in the pack of the he(a)rd
Not a single tremor from your postured words

False words come out of your mouth - you need someone to be
Why the fuck should we waste time on you? you're too afraid to think
Follow the pack "mutant" in the herd - what a sorry joke!

Is different being different when you're all the same?
What's the outcome of your pathetic game?
Can see you're just a child too afraid to speak

So you say nothing
To you it just means nothing.
Act like you're making progress
Think you're not the problem?
Well i can see right through the shit, the lies and the games
Think you're on the outside but your circle remains
You're too afraid - of being judged.
Well now it's time to go.

Voice Of The He(a)rd


from In My Nightmare EP, released June 11, 2014



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Sick People Brisbane, Australia

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